Common Areas: Park Place covers 19 acres which includes 11 acres of grass, 1.5 miles of roads and 3 miles of walkways. Throughout the common areas are many trees and scrubs that create a real park environment.Park Place HOA has the following Amenities, which are available for use by residents and their guests. Rules for use are contained in the HOA Rules and Regulations, which should be reviewed for more detailed information.

Clubhouse: The clubhouse contains the Park Place Office, which is managed by in house office manager(s) who work part-time (normally three hours Monday – Friday). The clubhouse also contains a kitchen, two restrooms (shared with the pool), and a furnished meeting room with a gas fireplace and upstairs loft. The clubhouse is available for rent by members for private functions.

Swimming Pool: The large swimming pool and deck area is open for use by members and member guests accompanied by a member. Entry is by pass key issued to members.

Children’s Play Area: A children’s play area is located East of the Swimming Pool and is available for use by members and their guests.

Tennis/Pickle Ball Courts: Two fenced tennis courts, also marked for pickleball use, are available for use by members and their guests. Entry is by key issued to members.

Picnic Area: A picnic area is located in the East area of the park. It has two BBQ grills for use with charcoal, an open fire pit for use with wood, benches and four picnic tables for use by members and their guests. The picnic area can be reserved by members for private use.

Basketball Court: The basketball court with two standard baskets is located North of the tennis court.

Recreational Vehicle Storage Area: A limited number of RV storage spaces are located in the fenced maintenance and RV storage area located on the South area of Park Place. RV storage spaces are rented to members on a first come basis. The maintenance garage and supply area is also located in this area.

Parking: Park Place has limited public parking. Members are encouraged to use garages and carports to the maximum extent for parking of personal and guest vehicles. A limited number of available parking spaces in the public parking areas are rented to members for personal use. These spaces are posted for use by members only.


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